Information re boat owners boat lift October 2015

Boat owners boat lift out October 2015

Boat Lift Nr. 1:

Date: 10th of October 2015.

Crane start time: 0800 hrs.

First high water: 0448hrs (3.9)

First Low Water: 1126 hrs. (0.7m)

Second High Water: 1711hrs. (3.7m)

Boat Lift Nr. 2: 

Date: 17th of October 2015.

Crane start time: 0800 hrs.

First Low Water: 0245 hrs. (0.9)

First High Water: 0841hrs. (3.9)

Second Low Water: 1502hrs (0.9)

Please text your name and preferred lift date to 087 3250093 (Approximately 15 boats per lift).

Owners turning up unannounced at either lift date may not be accommodated.

Punts on the inside of the upstream sections of pontoon are requested to be moved to facilitate berthing of boats waiting to be lifted out.

It is expected that boat owners whose boat is not being lifted on the first lift date will turn up to help those that are being lifted and vice verse for the second lift date.

If a boat owner delays the crane outside of a normal lift he/she will be responsible for the extra cost of the crane.

Tidal conditions will determine the order of lifting. Shallow draft boats will be expected to wait if the crane is busy with deep draft vessels around high water times. However if an opportunity presents itself they will be lifted, so boat owners please remain in the vicinity.

Please be organised for the lift days. Boats that can have their masts lowered without crane assistance should do so before the lift day, ensure your trailer is serviceable and towing vehicle organised for the day.

Boats that require the crane for dismasting should have all sails off and rigging ready for quick disconnection.

Please have your boat as light as possible for the crane lift e.g. empty water tanks, no excess of fuel where possible and remove excessive anchor chair if possible. It is expected that everyone will give time to help on the day.

Terms  and recommendations for the Lift:

Boat owners shall check they have adequate insurance for the boat lift separate to that of the crane contractors insurance.

Dungarvan Harbour Sailing Club will not be responsible for any accident, injury or damage to persons or boats.

Please keep clear of the crane operating area and please help by ensuring that the members of the public watch from a safe distance.

No children or spectators allowed in the crane working area.

Please help with traffic flow management on the Quay.

Do not stand under boats being lifted.

Do not stand under the crane block.

Please keep fingers clear when boats are being lowered onto the trailers.

Absolutely no children shall be aboard a boat being lifted. It is safer if no one is aboard during lifting.

It is recommended that lifejackets shall be worn.

It is recommended that high visibility jackets shall be worn.

No Alcohol please.

Crane operator will only take instruction from the banks man who will ask boat owner if he is happy to proceed with the lift once the slings are on his/her boat.

All boat owners are expected to help other boat owners with slings, traffic management and clearing up at the end of the day on both lift days.

If you go away when your boat is lifted and do not come back it leaves less people to finish the job.

Please be patient, everyone will be treated fairly and equally.

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