Club sweatshirts are now available in all common sizes.

€30 each.

Collect from Brid, Mary(Austin)Flynn or from Clubhouse.

After a smashing summer last year, we cannot wait to get the season started again!

The course dates are as follows:

1. Morning  5th - 16th July 

2. Afternoon  5th - 16th July 

3. Morning 19th - 30th July 

4. Afternoon 19th - 30th july

5. Morning 3rd - 13th August

6. Afternoon 3rd - 13th August


Cost €375 for non-members

          €275 for members

5% reduction for siblings

Call Bríd on 087 6707686 to book your place

Congratulations to Michael from Midleton for winning the Jaguar 22 boat raffle.

Thank you -- to everyone who participated!

Boat owners boat lift out October 2015

Boat Lift Nr. 1:

Date: 10th of October 2015.

Crane start time: 0800 hrs.

First high water: 0448hrs (3.9)

First Low Water: 1126 hrs. (0.7m)

Second High Water: 1711hrs. (3.7m)

Boat Lift Nr. 2: 

Date: 17th of October 2015.

Crane start time: 0800 hrs.

First Low Water: 0245 hrs. (0.9)

First High Water: 0841hrs. (3.9)

Second Low Water: 1502hrs (0.9)

Please text your name and preferred lift date to 087 3250093 (Approximately 15 boats per lift).

Owners turning up unannounced at either lift date may not be accommodated.

Punts on the inside of the upstream sections of pontoon are requested to be moved to facilitate berthing of boats waiting to be lifted out.

It is expected that boat owners whose boat is not being lifted on the first lift date will turn up to help those that are being lifted and vice verse for the second lift date.

If a boat owner delays the crane outside of a normal lift he/she will be responsible for the extra cost of the crane.

Tidal conditions will determine the order of lifting. Shallow draft boats will be expected to wait if the crane is busy with deep draft vessels around high water times. However if an opportunity presents itself they will be lifted, so boat owners please remain in the vicinity.

Please be organised for the lift days. Boats that can have their masts lowered without crane assistance should do so before the lift day, ensure your trailer is serviceable and towing vehicle organised for the day.

Boats that require the crane for dismasting should have all sails off and rigging ready for quick disconnection.

Please have your boat as light as possible for the crane lift e.g. empty water tanks, no excess of fuel where possible and remove excessive anchor chair if possible. It is expected that everyone will give time to help on the day.

Terms  and recommendations for the Lift:

Boat owners shall check they have adequate insurance for the boat lift separate to that of the crane contractors insurance.

Dungarvan Harbour Sailing Club will not be responsible for any accident, injury or damage to persons or boats.

Please keep clear of the crane operating area and please help by ensuring that the members of the public watch from a safe distance.

No children or spectators allowed in the crane working area.

Please help with traffic flow management on the Quay.

Do not stand under boats being lifted.

Do not stand under the crane block.

Please keep fingers clear when boats are being lowered onto the trailers.

Absolutely no children shall be aboard a boat being lifted. It is safer if no one is aboard during lifting.

It is recommended that lifejackets shall be worn.

It is recommended that high visibility jackets shall be worn.

No Alcohol please.

Crane operator will only take instruction from the banks man who will ask boat owner if he is happy to proceed with the lift once the slings are on his/her boat.

All boat owners are expected to help other boat owners with slings, traffic management and clearing up at the end of the day on both lift days.

If you go away when your boat is lifted and do not come back it leaves less people to finish the job.

Please be patient, everyone will be treated fairly and equally.

Dungarvan Harbour Sailing Club

Newsletter May 2015

Welcome to the May 2015 Newsletter


Open Days:

It is planned to have an introductory open day for dinghies and cruisers these will take place as follows:

The dinghy open day will take place on Saturday the 13th of June. Interested parties should meet on the lookout at 1400hrs, this event is open to both Adults and Juniors. ( Please note that juniors have to be over twelve years of age to participate in this event.)

The cruiser open days will take place on the 17th and 18th of June. Interested parties should meet on the gangway to the pontoon at Davitt’s Quay at 1830hrs, this event is open to adults only.

 Cruiser Sailing:

Despite the early morning start a number of boats turned out for the shakedown sail on Sunday the 24th of May.

A cruiser league is organised for June, the first race will take place on Wednesday the 3rd of June with the first gun at 1830hrs. Subsequent dates for the league will be posted on this website shortly in the activities section.

The prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the league are as follows. 1st place a voucher for AER LINGUS to the value of €300.00, 2nd place a voucher for AER LINGUS to the value of €200.00, 3rd place a voucher for AER LINGUS to the value of €100.00.

Very good prizes plus there will be extra prizes for classes of three boats or more.

The Portsmouth Yardstick handicap system will apply for the league.

So let’s see those big sails out on the water.

Summer Courses:

The summer courses are now booking, full details of the courses and how to apply for a course are posted on this website in the notices section. It is hoped to get junior sailing up and running shortly.

The best of luck to all our juniors who may be sitting the Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate examinations in June.   

The  Pontoon:

The terms of use for the pontoon are being updated and will be posted in the documents section of this website in June.

The main points are:

That as and from the 1st of June members will have to use their fobs to enter and exit the pontoon.

The last two sections of the pontoon at the bridge end are designated as visitor’s berths.

The first two sections of the pontoon on entering the harbour are designated as pick up and set down only. The maximum stay in this area is ten minutes and boats must be attended by a competent person at all times.

Dungarvan 800 year celebrations:

Dungarvan is celebrating its 800th birthday this year and Dungarvan Chamber of Commerce is hosting an event in King John’s Castle on the 3rd of July where some Vikings will land the king on the pontoon around 5.30pm.


Memberships are now due for the 2015 season since the AGM in 2014. Membership may be paid by cheque or electronically, please ensure you enter your name in the correct box so as to identify the member on the bank statement.  Please also text the Treasurer at 0876644734 to notify him that you have paid by electronic transfer as it is sometimes not possible to identify the payee.  The following is the clubs bank details if you wish to pay by electronic transfer,

AIB, Dungarvan,

Sort Code:  93 40 70

Account Number:   10041304

Family sub:  €240, Single sub: €160, Club house sub:  €60

Cruiser boat owners meeting 20th March 2015.

A meeting of cruiser boat owners was held in DHSC clubhouse on Friday the 20th of March 2015 at 2000hrs.

The following was agreed by those present at the meeting:

That there will be two crane lift days, one on the 11th of April 2015 and one on the 25th of April 2015.

The lift on the 11th of April is limited to a maximum of 12 boats in order to avoid traffic congestion on the quay due to the Food Festival which is also taking place on this weekend.

All other boats will be launched on the 25th of April 2015.

Please note the information set out below for both crane lifts:


Date of launch: 11th of April 2015

Launch start time: 0700hrs.

High Water:  1051hrs.

A maximum of twelve boats will be launched on this day in Dungarvan as follows:

  1. Alex Ballot.
  2. Donal Walsh.
  3. Clare Morrissey.
  4. John Connolly.
  5. James Mackey.
  6. Gerard Grant.
  7. Dick Lincoln.
  8. Frank Daly.
  9. Robert O’Connor.
  10. Tony Murphy.
  11. Michael Daly.
  12. Frank Shorthall.

The crane will relocate to Helvick when it is finished in Dungarvan to launch the following boats:

  1. Ian Walsh.
  2. Declan Walsh.
  3. Patrick Harty.
  4. Syvester Murray (to be confirmed).



Launch Day 2:

Date of Launch: 25th of April 2015.

Launch start time: 0700hrs.

High Water:  1105hrs.

All remaining boats will be launched on this date.



If you have any queries or require further information please contact Ml. Whelan, Phone Number 087 3250093.

March newsletter


Training Centre Awards.

Talk on boat/engine maintenance.

Skippers meeting.

Winter League.

St Patricks Day.

ISA Training Centre Awards 2014:

DHSC was represented at the awards in the Royal College of Surgeons Building on the 6th of March 2015 by the Commodore Edwin Fay, Vice Commodore and ISA Training Centre Principal Austin Flynn and Junior Sailing Organiser Sandra Wynne. The overall award was won by Mayo Sailing Club, so congratulations to them. More importantly for DHSC is that out of 80 ISA Training Centres in Ireland Dungarvan is ranked in the top four training centres. This remarkable achievement is down to the dedication and hard work of Ms Sandra Wynne and her team of instructors, course assistants and course participants, so well done and thanks to all and keep up the good work.

Talk on Boat Engine Maintenance:

There was a good turn out for the talk by Kevin Higgins from Marine Motors on Friday the 6th of March. Kevin was on his feet for an hour and a half and he imparted a lot of his hard gained experience to the attendance in this time with a good question and answer session at the end. If you weren't there you missed a good night. Many thanks to Kevin for giving his time to the club.

Skippers meeting:

A meeting of boat skippers and crews will be held in the clubhouse on Friday the 13th March at 8pm. The purpose of this meeting is to get feedback from members on a sailing/racing programme for 2015. So attend on the night if you want to have an input.

Winter League:

The next race in the Winter League will be held this Sunday the 15th of March with the First Gun at 1200hrs. The last two outings had to be cancelled due to poor weather conditions so hopefully sailors will get on the water on Sunday.

St Patricks Day:

The clubhouse will be open after the local parade from 4pm. This will be  good occasion for members and friends to get together after the winter, hope to see you all there.

Talk on Boat Maintenance: Date: 6th of March 2015.

                                              Time: 2000hrs.

                                              Venue: DHSC Clubhouse

Mr Kevin Higgins of Marine Motors, Cork will give a talk on boat maintenance followed by a question and answer session.

This should be a very informative night at this time of year when boat owners are starting those maintenance jobs they have been putting off for ages.

Hope to see you all there.

Skippers Meeting: Date: 13th of March 2015.

                                Time: 2000hrs.

                                Venue: DHSC Clubhouse

A meeting for all boat owners to get feedback on what you want the committee to organise to make your time on the water more fun e.g. racing, sailing in company, family days out/picnics etc. if you don't attend the committee won't know what you want, so see you on the night.

The Irish Sailing Association will be holding the presentation of the Irish Sailing Awards 2014 on the 6th of March 2015 and Dungarvan Harbour Sailing Club is in the running as one of the nominees for the ISA Training Centre of the Year 2014 award. This is a very important mark of recognition from the ISA of the level of sail training being provided to young sailors in the club. Well done to the Committee of 2014 along with Mr Austin Flynn, the ISA Training Centre Principal in the club, Ms Sandra Wynne, the Junior Organiser of the club, Senior and Junior instructors and helpers. Hopefully more congratulations will be in order on the 6th if DHSC is the overall winner in this category.

Dungarvan Harbour Sailing Club

Newsletter February 2015

Welcome to the February 2015 Newsletter


 Junior Sailing:

The junior sailing is off to a good start in 2015 with the first shake down race taking place on the 18th of January. It was a very cold day with a fresh breeze, five hardy sailors took to the water, Gregory and Ella Fay, Jack Kiely, Larry Brazel and Joey Curran. Three races were held and the winners were: Race1. Gregory Fay, Race 2. Jack Kiely, Race 3. Larry Brazel, the overall winner of the series of three races was Jack Kiely. There was one or two gear failures and capsizes (Brrrrr). Junior sailors are advised to check their boats, sails and rigging for wear and tear. Most class association websites will have information on what to look out for. All experienced dinghy sailors in the club would be glad to offer assistance and advice to junior sailors and parents. The ISA newsletter identified a mobile app called “Wind Aware” which is free to download from the app store and Google play. The app helps turn knowledge into understanding of how sails should be set for various wind directions.

Winter League:

The winter league commenced on the 1st February and will run every second weekend until the 29th of March 2015 weather permitting. Results will be posted in the activities section of the website.  Three competitors competed in the first races in cold conditions with a gentle breeze. Hopefully we will see more junior sailors out on the water on the 15th and that it will be warmer now that Spring is here.

Members receive awards:

Congratulations to Andrew and Maura Wilkes who have received awards from both the Irish Cruising Club and the Royal Cruising Club for their sailing expeditions in the Arctic in 2014. The Irish Cruising Club awarded Andrew and Maura “The Fastnet Award” for exceptional achievements and excellence in cruising under sail. The Royal Cruising Club awarded Maura and Andrew “The American Cruising Club Bowl” for their trip to Greenland by way of the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Baffin Island and finishing up in Newfoundland. Maura and Andrew now seem to commute between England, Ireland and the Arctic Circle.

Club Winter Work:

In January the keystone to the arch over the door to the store in the DHSC was repaired by Austin Flynn and Tommy Power. Mossy Brennock serviced one of the outboard engines and power washed all the red rescue boats. Other members showed up at various times to help with anti fouling them and to help out with running the junior sailing. Many thanks to all members who helped out in cold weather conditions.

Boat Launch dates:

The 11th and 25th of April have been tentatively identified as launch dates for the larger boats so it is time to commence making that “to do list” of maintenance jobs.


The RNLI Fundraising Committee AGM was held in the clubhouse on the 23rd of January at 8pm. The committee had a very successful year running fundraising events, the amount of work undertaken by the committee requires a huge amount of commitment to the organisation by them. Their hard work has been recognised and the committee has received two awards for 2014. The committee received an award for Community Services at the Waterford Community and Voluntary Awards in the Park Hotel recently and a Regional Award from the RNLI.  Many thanks to all the committee for their dedication to fund raising work. The Committee thanked the club for the use of the premises for their meeting and for all the help from DHSC throughout the year.


Memberships are now due for the new season since the AGM in 2014. Membership may be paid by cheque or electronically, please ensure you enter your name in the correct box so as to identify the member on the bank statement. The following is the clubs bank details if you wish to pay by electronic transfer,

AIB, Dungarvan,

Sort Code:  93 40 70

Account Number:   10041304

Family sub:  €240, Single sub: €160, Club house sub:  €60

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